Skate Types

Skating is an all-embracing term. When one says they’re going out skating, what do they really mean? Maybe they’re going to skate on the ice? Perhaps they’re going to ride inline skates? Maybe they mean they’ll be rolling around on quad skates? Or, maybe they’ve gone out to skate rough roads on off-road skates? Here, I present different types of skating disciplines to clear up any confusion you may have relating to skating in general.

Inline skate

A roller skate whose wheels are set in-line for greater speed and manoeuvrability According to medical research, Inline Skating rank in the top 3 activities that improve or maintain physical fitness and general well-being.

Quad skate

Are four-wheeled roller skates that have two wheels in the front, and two in the back on each skate. Quad roller skates traditionally feature a rubber break, or toe stop, in the front that makes for an easy, quick stop. Quad roller skates are preferred to inline skates by some, due to their large footprint, which increases stability and confidence for roller skaters of all levels, especially with kids. Paired with excellent ankle support, these traditional roller skates are coined as the “original roller skate”, and have remained popular for over a century. Quad roller skates (or “quads”) are preferred by both beginner and advanced roller skaters alike. They are a perfect choice for novices and children, as well as highly developed, skilled roller skaters. The simple, attractive design of quad roller skates has made them a leading type of roller skate since the mid-1800’s. Quad skates require little to no training or experience – and little effort is needed in order to gain speed, turn, or stop which is why they are commonly used at skating rinks. Skaters can perform a full curve simply by leaning to one side. Quad skates don’t wobble sideways, offering great stability, and also provide supreme ankle support. Quad roller skates are the standard for indoor skating rinks but are also widely used by outdoor and indoor recreational skaters, speed skaters, dance skaters, roller derby skaters, and much more.

Ice skate

Ice skating is a popular winter sport, as well as a mode of transportation, in a variety of northern countries. Seasonal rinks are often built in warmer climates as well, especially for the traditional winter holidays, such as Christmas. Several Olympic sports are carried out on ice skates, including figure skating, speed skating, and hockey. Nations from all over the world field skating teams, thanks to indoor rinks that make it possible year round.


A skateboard is a type of sports equipment used for skateboarding. They are usually made of a specially designed 7-8 ply maple plywood deck and polyurethane wheels attached to the underside by a pair of skateboarding trucks. Since the early 2000s electric skateboards have appeared. These no longer require the propelling of the skateboard by means of the feet; rather an electric motor propels the board, fed by an electric battery.

Drop-In Skate class