About On Skate

On Skate Academy was created out of a strong passion and a ceaseless commitment to making skate learning easy and accessible. Since starting in June 2020, we’ve helped several people acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques, and confidently move forward in their learning journey.

On Skate Academy is the first academy of its kind in EGYPT, as it is an academy specialized in teaching skating sport in a professional and high-quality manner, at the hands of highly qualified specialized trainers.

The founder of this academy is Captain Adham Mahmoud Abu Al-Ela; He grew up in an athletes family and was attend the Egyptian Cycling national team in 2008, and he is Arab, African, and national champion in the sport of Duathlon for many times

Our vision

We envision to propagate the skating sport all over Egypt and in its school for all age groups also to build a strong team from our trainees to participate in championships & Reaching our academy to the largest international levels and becoming a strong brand known for its quality.

Our Mission

Supporting our mission, our objective is to grow the sport of skate.  Let’s get people out of the house, off the phone, get them physical, get them socializing, pushing themselves, experiencing new places, and most importantly, get them to have fun & We want to lead a passionate and growing movement that champions the interests of everyone who want to play skate in our community.

Our Team

Adham Mahmoud Abu Al-Ela

Founder and Training manager

Dr. Mohamed Alyamany

Finance Consultant & Support Business Director

Ahmed Mahmoud

Marketing Manager

Boosi Mohamed

Operation Manager

Mohamed Farag

Speed Trainer


Performance Analysis

Logy Mohamed

Freestyle Trainer

Jana Mohamed

Freestyle Trainer

Drop-In Skate class